AyeAI, Inc.

AyeAI, Inc. is an early stage startup based in Palo Alto, California and East Lansing, Michigan.

We're building tools that connect business applications to machine learning.

We're making AI useful for enterprise business.

AyeAI is an AI Orchestration Platform that strategically integrates AI into enterprise environments. Our platform is engineered to connect a variety of data sources, including SaaS applications and enterprise databases, to a curated selection of AI models. This ensures that each task is matched with the most effective AI, whether it's a leading public model or a specialized open-source alternative.

AyeAI is engineered to facilitate a seamless and secure integration of AI capabilities with a multitude of enterprise data sources. By orchestrating the interactions between advanced AI models and proprietary SaaS data, AyeAI, Inc. empowers businesses to unlock actionable insights and drive intelligent decision-making.

AyeAI is working on problems enterprises have with implementing AI in the data, infrastructure and applications. We're an AI infrastructure platform that implements proprietary machine learning and model orchestration, connecting multiple enterprise data sources - while installing layers of security, logging, and accountability that make AI compliant with enterprise policy.

Intelligent LLM Routing and Handling

Our platform dynamically selects the most suitable Large Language Models for varied enterprise tasks, optimizing AI model applications.

Seamless Data Source Connectivity

AyeAI connects multiple data sources, including SaaS platforms and in-house databases, enabling rich interactions between AI models and enterprise data.

Recursive Model Queuing

The platform supports complex problem-solving with layered analysis, allowing AI models to build upon each other's outputs for in-depth insights.

Robust Security and Compliance

Adhering to enterprise-level security protocols and compliance standards, AyeAI ensures safe and reliable AI deployment in business environments.

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